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Faithfully Completed is partnering with The Glove Project for a week long effort to get 100 pairs of new or gently used gloves and mittens to the homeless in Minneapolis. It was initiated by a friend of ours, Dre Monseth. She writes:

I’ve never been more grateful for a warm home than I am this winter. I’m not sure why. I’ve spent my whole life in Minnesota and have endured plenty of cold. But this winter is different. I can feel it in my bones. An overwhelming sense of gratefulness. Perhaps it’s because I’m a new mom – because being able to provide a warm and safe place for my daughter matters so much. This increased awareness of what I have has roused an ache for those who don’t have a warm home to cozy up in and escape the biting cold. It has roused a need to do something. A calling, if you will.

St. Stephens Human Services provides assistance and shelter to people experiencing homelessness in Minneapolis. I contacted them and asked what they need. Gloves. That are actually warm. While donations are received, well used, thin, or unlined gloves just don’t cut it. So here’s our goal: 100 pairs of new (or very gently used), warm gloves/mittens.

Thank you for your part in caring for those who are in need this winter. It matters.

-Dre Monseth


What can you do?


Make an online cash donation.
We will use your tax-deductible donation to purchase new, warm, gloves and mittens and get them to St. Stephens. Our goal for cash donations is $3,000. Click the Donate button below to contribute.


Donate your new or gently used gloves or mittens.

Because this is a relatively small initiative, we don’t have drop sites around the city. But if you’ve got gently used, warm gloves or mittens you’d like to donate, contact us through the website or through Facebook and we will coordinate collecting your donation. You can also bring your donation right to St. Stephens yourself. (Let us know so we can count them towards our goal!)

*Please remember, the goal here is good quality, lined, warm gloves or mittens. Something you would wear outside for an extended period of time. St. Stephens provides assistance to men and women, but their shelters are for men, so men’s gloves/ mittens is their biggest need.

Thank you for your support on this project! Please contact us if you have any questions, and follow Faithfully Completed and The Glove Project on Facebook for more updates.